The Meads of Blue Druid

Every Mead is a story.

All Blue Druid meads start with a vision - a hope that we can represent something great about Nova Scotia, our history, and the people who live here.


The Queen of Connaught

5.6%, Sparkling

Elderflower, Orange

Medb, also known as 'The Queen of Connacht', is a Warrior Queen described as 'strong-willed, ambitious, cunning and promiscuous' in Irish Mythology. To honor her and the Irish flag itself, this mead represents 'The Orange, White and Green'. Scented with Elderflower (Irish: bláth troim) and a noticeable hint of bitter orange, this bright, stunning mead - and women like her - don't belong in history, but on the streets of Halifax today. 

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The Beaverbank Beauty

10.2%, Sparkling

Chocolate Malt, Bourbon Barrel Bochet

A 'Bochet' is a mead made with caramelized honey. 'The Beaverbank Beauty' is named after where the honey was sourced, and blended with chocolate malt and fermented over Kentucky bourbon barrel wood chips.  Dark, rich, and carbonated just enough for mouthfeel, the Beaverbank Beauty is heavy on coffee flavour at the start, and leaves with a bourbon finish. Although very smooth at 10.2%, this bear-hug of a mead is not to be taken lightly. Drink it out of the bottle if you just can't hold yourself back, or try impressing guests at a dinner party by serving this mead over vanilla ice cream in a mead float.  

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Tatamagouche T'ej

8%, Sparkling

Gesho Inchet, Tatamagouche Honey

Thought to be the used for a toast between the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, t'ej is considered to be the national drink of Ethiopia, and possibly the oldest fermented drink ever produced. Made with imported gesho inchet and Tatamagouche honey, it's impossible to not fall in love with this mead - it's unique, delicious, and begs to be drank with spicy food and gorgeous people. At 8%, this t'ej is 'betam teru moq’ta', which means 'it will give you a very good buzz'. 

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Brother Adam

6.5%, Sparkling


An unadulterated, light mead named after Karl Kehrle, or Brother Adam as he is more famously known. Crafted to highlight the true beauty of local Nova Scotia honey, 'Brother Adam' is our homage to beekeepers such as he. "He talked to them, he stroked them. He brought to the hives a calmness that, according to those who saw him at work, the sensitive bees responded to."

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The Compass Rose

7.5%, Sparkling

Terence Bay Rosehip Rhodomel

A 'Rhodomel' is a mead made with rose petals, rose hips, or rose attar, and was the perfect mead to create to following a foraging challenge and the #drinklikeyoulivehere movement. They have a flavour all to themselves, but it's best described as a cross between a rose and an apple - of which they are a close relative. Each rosehip was hand picked (after the first frost, when they are known to be their best), boiled, mashed, strained, and added to the primary fermentation, resulting in a mead is bright, tart, and slightly floral in aroma. 

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The Bluenoser

7.1%, Sparkling

Blueberry Braggot

Oxford blueberries and Truro honey...what more needs to be said? Lush, juicy and bright, 'The Bluenoser' is the bounty of Nova Scotia's summer in a bottle.

Availability: Brewing

The Ship Hector

7.5%, Sparkling

Maple, Malted Oat

In 1773, The Ship Hector landed in Pictou county, NS, bringing 189 Gaelic immigrants forced from their ancestral lands in Fuadaich nan Gàidheal - The Scottish Highland Clearances. To commemorate the ship's landing, we created this namesake mead.  Creamy, full-bodied, and with a hint of maple, 'The Ship Hector' is an exquisite example of new world braggots.

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The Fogg

8.0%, Sparkling

Heather Tip

As hops weren't introduced until the 9th century (and in many regions where it did not naturally grow, not used until long after that), heather was used as a bittering agent in brews of ancient times. Heather mead, also known as 'the mead of inspiration', was widely consumed by the Picts, Celts and Vikings. Locally foraged heather tips were at times infected with a natural fungus locally called 'the fogg', or ergot (the precursor to LSD). 

Although our version of this mead is entirely modern, slightly floral, and entirely delicious, the history of heather in mead is a story worth telling. 

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The Rising Tide

9.5%, Sparkling

Horton Ridge Malt, Fundy Hops

Affectionately known as 'The 100 mile mead', every ingredient was sourced locally and selected to showcase the true beauty and bounty of Nova Scotia. 


Availability: Brewing

The Peace Keeper

8.0%, Sparkling

French Oak, English Hops, and a Maple finish.  

This mead was made as an expression of thanks for Remembrance Day. Bold, strong, and in perfect balance, 'The Peace Keeper' remains one of the best meads we've ever produced.

Availability: Gone

The Trelawny Maroon

8.5%, Sparkling

Jamaican Sarsaparilla, Cardamom and Vanilla Bean

It's impossible to read the history of the Maroons of Nova Scotia and not be inspired. With a nod to their Jamaican roots, this Sarsaparilla infused mead is big on flavour, aroma, and lingering vanilla.

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The Search For Gabriel

8.2%, Sparkling

Amarillo Hopped Honeycrisp Apple Cyser

Inspired by Longfellow's Evangaline, 'The Search For Gabriel' is a mead is made from Honeycrisp apples and Annapolis honey, and bittered with Amarillo hops. Bitter and sweet like the story itself, this mead has a juicy grapefruit start, and a light, crisp, apple finish.

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