History Made Deliciously Modern

Mead - the drink favoured by history, from the Greek Gods to Pharaohs, Vikings and Druids, made locally in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


What is Mead?

Widely regarded as the world's oldest alcoholic drink, mead is made with honey. Piqued your interest? Read on.

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Our Ingredients

What makes a great mead? Step into the world of mead making, and explore some of the ingredients that goes into Blue Druid mead.

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What are we drinking?

Browse through the meads we've made at Blue Druid.

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What We're Brewing Next: 'The Lion Rampant'

So named after the red lion on our provincial flag, this mead combines cherrywood smoked malt with bright red cherries, and of course Nova Scotia honey.

At this time, Blue Druid Mead is not for sale. If you want to 'Drink a Druid' you have to know a Druid.

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